Back that sh*t up !

So here’s the deal, about a week ago I was tired of my iMac G5 running slower than usual and I decided to do an “archive and install” (for those who use windows, it’s basicly reinstalling your OS X without losing any of your files. All your pictures and what not are stored in a folder called “previous systems” that you can easily get acces too once you are done installing). When I was done installing I decided I would leave my iPhoto library in this folder and I had even made a copy of it onto my external hard drive.

So yesterday I had to mail one of my older pictures to a friend and I start going through the folders in the iPhoto library (originals, modified, data). Turns out that the originals of a few dozen imports are completely gone, lucky I edited some of them so that there still is an edited copy in the “modified” folder. The only thing I have left of the picture is miniature and the one I put on flickr (1024 x 768, useless for printing which sadly enough was what I needed it for).

So my advice to you is … BACK THAT SH*T UP ! I don’t care if you have a mac or a pc, computers can fail and so can all the sorts of media we use. Can you feel my frustration, by the way ? Now I have to go take that same shot by finding the exact location and copying the metadata (lucky it was a night-shot).

So anyway … here it is … in loving memory of the original file of one of my first pictures of “de melaan”.


2 responses to “Back that sh*t up !”

  1. pretfles says :

    Sorry to here about your loss.
    You gave me an idea to start blogging in english here to.
    Do visit my page.
    How is the work in the new apple shop going?

  2. Shawno says :

    I just upgraded my wife’s eMac to the latest Mac OS from 10.3.9. I copied all of her data over to one of our other computers before the upgrade, and as far as I know, everything copied back without any problems. Regardless, it sucks that you lost your files. Just shows you that the only foolproof solution is to backup, and backup often.

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