Don’t forget to strap in …


GRINDHOUSE: “A term used to describe a movie that sacrifices the traditional film-making concepts such as good acting, character development, production values, creative directing and an understandable plot outline in favor for sex, gore, nudity, violence and other shocking themes. The term originates from the word used to describe theatres that were known to screen such movies.The term has now been repopularized through Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez movie using that particular name.

– Lench Mob @ –

Sit back, strap in and don’t relax too much as Quentin Tarantino takes you for a thrill-ride in his latest masterpiece “Death Proof”. Initially released under the name “Grindhouse” together with Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror”, it has a big chance of becoming Tarantino’s next cult-hit. Opinions vary on Tarantino’s older flicks such as “Reservoir Dogs”, “Jackie Brown”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill”, mostly because they have the “low budget-feel” to it, which off course is done on purpose and I must admit that I am a fan of the concept.

In Grindhouse (term also used for theater that shows Chinese or Japanese low-budget productions) it is even more emphasised than in previous movies. Suddenly colors disappear, a scene is cut off abruptly, there’s distortion on the film, intro’s with a very retro-feel to it, etc … I can imagine some people hating it, but I for one love it. There are also a lot of parallels with other movies that become clear almost instantly to any Tarantino-fan. The music sets the mood from beginning to end, just like it did in Pul Fiction. The opening credits are done on a very monotone image/gesture like in Jackie Brown, even “Big Kahuna Burger” is cleverly planted in there and per usual Quentin likes to do one of the parts as well.

“Death Proof” on itself also consists of two parts which can be described as “gore” and “revenge”. In the first part we get endless monologues of three very naïve ladies who go out to party in Austin, Texas. Stuntman Mike (the one and only Snake Plissken, I mean Kurt Russel 😉 ) comes into the picture and all hell breaks loose for the girls after a night of drinking. In the second part we get 4 new ladies (way less naïve this time … ok, at least 3 of them aren’t) of which 2 are stuntladies. They also fall victim to Stuntman Mike, only this time Mike wishes he had never laid eyes on them …

To prevent me from spoiling the entire movie for you I would like to finish mentioning that in Belgium we only get to see “Death Proof” for now, hopefully we will soon see “Planet Terror” in cinemas as well so that I am able to fill you in on that as well. Two buddies of mine and myself went to see it yesterday, had a blast and were very excited about it, so make sure you check it out.



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