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In need of a break

These damn finals have been going on for 3 weeks now, I’m gettig sick and tired of it ! 38 more more days to go …

Die eindexamens zijn nu al 3 weken bezig, begin ze kotsbeu te worden ! Nog 38 dagen te gaan …

Back that sh*t up !

So here’s the deal, about a week ago I was tired of my iMac G5 running slower than usual and I decided to do an “archive and install” (for those who use windows, it’s basicly reinstalling your OS X without losing any of your files. All your pictures and what not are stored in a folder called “previous systems” that you can easily get acces too once you are done installing). When I was done installing I decided I would leave my iPhoto library in this folder and I had even made a copy of it onto my external hard drive.

So yesterday I had to mail one of my older pictures to a friend and I start going through the folders in the iPhoto library (originals, modified, data). Turns out that the originals of a few dozen imports are completely gone, lucky I edited some of them so that there still is an edited copy in the “modified” folder. The only thing I have left of the picture is miniature and the one I put on flickr (1024 x 768, useless for printing which sadly enough was what I needed it for).

So my advice to you is … BACK THAT SH*T UP ! I don’t care if you have a mac or a pc, computers can fail and so can all the sorts of media we use. Can you feel my frustration, by the way ? Now I have to go take that same shot by finding the exact location and copying the metadata (lucky it was a night-shot).

So anyway … here it is … in loving memory of the original file of one of my first pictures of “de melaan”.

T-minus 41 days

With 41 days to go before I cross the atlantic, I went ahead and started the dedicated blog for you guys. I will probably do some updates here as I count down to the 30th of july. Today I just want to share a short youtube clip of Tucson with you guys as a little introduction.

Met nog 41 dagen te gaan voor ik de atlantische oceaan oversteek ben ik alvast een aan de reis gewijde blog begonnen. Ik zal hier waarschijnlijk af en toe wat berichten zetten terwijl ik aftel naar 30 juli. Vandaag wil ik gewoon een kort filmpje van Tucson met jullie delen bij wijze van introductie.

More coming soon,

Gil (

iPhone 10-day round-up

As we go into the 10 final days before the release of the highly awaited apple iPhone, I would like to recap my thoughts and discuss some new specs that have popped up since the last time I wrote a post about it.

  1. Battery life: apple announced this week that the iPhone’s battery will have 8 hours of talk time instead of the 5 Steve Jobs mentioned in his Macworld ’07 keynote. I still think that a lot of people are going to be very disappointed about the battery-life. If you use your iPod and surf the net as much as I do and make some calls on top of that, you will be recharging the thing every 2-3 days.
  2. Applications: in last weeks WWDC ’07 keynote, Jobs unveiled that all iPhone apps will be running in the safari app. I must admit I’m a bit disappointed about this. What I would like to see is the the ability to add applicitons to the menu squares according to your needs (for example a flickr upload app for pictures u took with the camera, a wordpress app …) I know that you are able to do all these things with the browser, but wouldn’t it be easier if the services you need had their own dedicated application with a shortcut in the menu ? Kind of like the widgets, maybe even widgets could serve as apps, who knows.
  3. Widescreen iPod: the fact that you can now use cover-flow on your iPod is pretty cool, but I think will go back to their regular artist-lists in no time. I know that cover-flow is really popular in iTunes, but you still have the ability to use the lists as well (I know you can go in full-screen mode, but do you really use that on the mac when you have front-row ?
  4. Internet communications device: it looks awesome, while safari on the mac is great but a bit slow at times, apple has really raised the bar for mobile-browsing. The interaction with the sites and the fact that you don’t have to use the baby-internet will make it the best mobile net-experience you’ll have ever had.
  5. Ringtones: looking at the tabs that the iPhone provides in iTunes based on slide Macworld keynote-slides we can speculate that appel might be selling ringtones through the iTunes music store. Don’t think that would be a good move, we already pay for our songs and now we have to pay for a 30 sec clip ? Just let us use our songs we buy and put on the iPod as ringtones …
  6. Pricing: since Americans have to put down loads of dollars to get their hands on this thing, there is very little hope we will be able to get an iPhone for under 600 euros (700+ dollars) … that’s going to hurt.
  7. Carrier: apple is apparantly having trouble finding a carrier for the iPhone in Europe which might mean that we will be able to get it unlocked … that’s great … if all the features are supported by your current carrier.
  8. 3: will the European version gave 3G ? It would be the smart thing to do. Let’s hope prices for data-service won’t be as ridiculous as what we pay for the phone.
  9. screen: love the multitouch, let’s just hope it doesn’t scratch as easy as an iPod.
  10. size: the thing might be a bit bulky to carry around compared to the ever shrinking array of phones that is availabe at the moment.

That about wraps it up ! It’ll take at least another 6 months before we get our version of the iPhone, thanks to America for being beta-testers 😉

Comments greatly appreciated as always.

Don’t forget to strap in …


GRINDHOUSE: “A term used to describe a movie that sacrifices the traditional film-making concepts such as good acting, character development, production values, creative directing and an understandable plot outline in favor for sex, gore, nudity, violence and other shocking themes. The term originates from the word used to describe theatres that were known to screen such movies.The term has now been repopularized through Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez movie using that particular name.

– Lench Mob @ –

Sit back, strap in and don’t relax too much as Quentin Tarantino takes you for a thrill-ride in his latest masterpiece “Death Proof”. Initially released under the name “Grindhouse” together with Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror”, it has a big chance of becoming Tarantino’s next cult-hit. Opinions vary on Tarantino’s older flicks such as “Reservoir Dogs”, “Jackie Brown”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill”, mostly because they have the “low budget-feel” to it, which off course is done on purpose and I must admit that I am a fan of the concept.

In Grindhouse (term also used for theater that shows Chinese or Japanese low-budget productions) it is even more emphasised than in previous movies. Suddenly colors disappear, a scene is cut off abruptly, there’s distortion on the film, intro’s with a very retro-feel to it, etc … I can imagine some people hating it, but I for one love it. Read More…

Study …

Study …

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Hey everyone,

As you can probably gather from the picture, I am in my finals right now, so there will no or a minimum of blogging.

Check back soon and thanks for sticking with me …