I’ve got the job !

For those who were following my story about getting a job at the local apple store … I’ve got the job ! Enough said I think … if you’re in the neighbourhood and need some new mac stuff .. why not buy at the shop I’ll be working at soon ? Check out the shop’s site.

Later …



6 responses to “I’ve got the job !”

  1. Glenn says :

    wow… that is sooooo awesome. No way could they have hired a better qualified guy for the job. Hmmm… I wonld how long til you meet steve j.

    Btw, what do u think of the speed bumps in the macbooks? Think its really noticable? I like the new harddrives tho. Middle of next month I’m going to put in my order and it well be WHITE so no one will think its a Dell.

    Do u get an employee discount?

  2. Stefaan says :

    Congrats! I bought my first Mac at Easyware 🙂

  3. John says :

    Very nice, what position are you getting?

  4. applefanbe says :

    Junior Assistant in the store one saturdays (student-job)

  5. Markec says :

    Congratulations, Mate !!!
    I now have no more excuses left to not visit the AppleStore….

    By the way, I urgently “need” that iPod-shuffle …

  6. gimycko says :

    Help !
    Die collega van jou was zo snel in de uitleg hoe je met Cyberduck connectie maakt naar Telenet.
    Ik kon amper wat onthouden of opschrijven.
    Kun je mij effe helpen.


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