Apple II fever

So a few weeks ago I contacted my old high-school to hear if it wasn’t possible to buy some of the old macs I remember seeing there … Yesterday I got a reply that said I could have anything I wanted for free ! So I paid them a visit and not that much later I became the proud owner of 4 Apple IIc’s. The Apple IIc is a compact/portable version of Steve Woniak’s masterpiece. It has a processor of around 1 mhz and works on 5,25″ floppy disks. Together with the 4 machines, of which each has it’s own little green monitor, I got an Apple imagewriter, tons and tons of floppy’s, all in mint condition, even new floppy’s that were still wrapped in plastic and finally loads of books and original apple manuals. And did I mention the still fully functional external floppy drive? And all that for free ! Considering my age I of course never was able to work in DOS or proDOS in the Apple II’s case. I do, however, plan on reading up on this stuff and will probably try to get the hang of it and develop some basic programming-skills. For now I have to focus on my finals though. When those are over in about, oh let’s say a month and a half, I’ll try to make a video of all this stuff and put it on youtube. If you want to see my older video’s I made introducing old macs, just visit my youtube-page here.

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated …



3 responses to “Apple II fever”

  1. Ger ten Haaf says :

    Nice 4 llc’s
    Still have a lle and llGS running.
    And the imagewriter. He never lets You down.
    Funny enough, at this moment I hear one of my old imaginewriter printing in the attick.

    a)I found You on retromaccast.
    b) I have the age that I have worked with DOs and Prodos.

    Nice to meet You, Greetings,

  2. macII says :

    Like you I also got a Mac IIc from my high school. I was wondering what program do I need to get it running and were could I get one. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Ger ten Haaf says :

    MacII, sorry for this late reply.
    You can find my emailadres on my homepage.;
    i can make you a prodos disk.

    But You also can download it at apple’s download page.

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