Crossing America

Just a quick story. When I got to school this morning for only one class and then hearing that the teacher was absent made me pretty pissed (having to wake up early and go to Antwerp for nothing). So anyway, me and my fellow students thought it was a great opportunity and hit the town for a whil. So we headed to the part of town near the “Groenplaats” where a lot of record-stores are. None of the record-stores being open yet we finally stumbled into a second-hand bookshop. Under the “North America” section I pulled out a random book and started looking for an article on Tucson and the other places I visited last year. I was quite suprised to see multiple pages dedicated to it. I flipped through the rest and finally decided to buy the book for around 6 euro’s.

I know this has nothing interesting to it at all … just a little anecdote about well … coincidence. I stumble into this tiny random second-hand bookstore, pick out a random book and see pictures of exact locations I was standing …

Better stories soon … I promise …



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