What I think of the iPhone

Ok, now that all the fuzz around the iPhone is starting to calm down a bit, I would like recap a few of my views on the iPhone. Like all apple-fanboys I have been craving this thing for the last 2 years, but when it finally got there I initially found myself a bit disappointed for the following reasons: price (although I’m starting to see that it is actually quite reasonable, still have to keep the provider-plan in mind though), battery-life (I mean come on, how long will that thing last with all those features), the possible lack of support on 3G networks (not to forget the huge cost of hat over here in Belgium) and finally the glossy finish (I will probably scratch the hell out of it).

But anyway, apart from these flaws I find myself craving the thing once again. I use my macbook to go online and check my e-mails near hotspots and being able to do it faster with this handheld device I can simply take out of my pocket is pretty sweet. On the other hand, I don’t think that I will be neglecting my macbook quit yet, it is always to view things on the bigger screen when you have the time for it.

The integration of an iPod was a smart move by apple. Now you don’t have to lug all these different gadgets along (laptop for surfing the web, ipod for music and a phone for making calls. When travelling you will need to take only one charger along (and I’m affraid you will be needing it a lot) which gives you a more organised feeling.

Finally, there are a few things I would still like to see integrated into the iphone.

1) a mobile version of iChat for instant messaging through WIFI, EDGE, 3G, you name it. (not having to spend a few cents on every message you send) with a audio-chat capabilities when near WIFI.

2) bluetooth headsets would be a pretty neat feature, and will give it even more of a clutter-free feeling.

3) the ability to connect my camera to the phone (like with the ipod) and have a little app with which I can upload my pictures to flickr (this might be supported by the browser since it is a mini version of OSX, but the possiblity to install a little homebrew app that offers the capabilities of flickrexport would be nice.

Those are my views on the apple iphone, as always these points are open for discussion.


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