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I’ve got the job !

For those who were following my story about getting a job at the local apple store … I’ve got the job ! Enough said I think … if you’re in the neighbourhood and need some new mac stuff .. why not buy at the shop I’ll be working at soon ? Check out the shop’s site.

Later …


Apple II fever

So a few weeks ago I contacted my old high-school to hear if it wasn’t possible to buy some of the old macs I remember seeing there … Yesterday I got a reply that said I could have anything I wanted for free ! So I paid them a visit and not that much later I became the proud owner of 4 Apple IIc’s. The Apple IIc is a compact/portable version of Steve Woniak’s masterpiece. It has a processor of around 1 mhz and works on 5,25″ floppy disks. Together with the 4 machines, of which each has it’s own little green monitor, I got an Apple imagewriter, tons and tons of floppy’s, all in mint condition, even new floppy’s that were still wrapped in plastic and finally loads of books and original apple manuals. And did I mention the still fully functional external floppy drive? And all that for free ! Considering my age I of course never was able to work in DOS or proDOS in the Apple II’s case. I do, however, plan on reading up on this stuff and will probably try to get the hang of it and develop some basic programming-skills. For now I have to focus on my finals though. When those are over in about, oh let’s say a month and a half, I’ll try to make a video of all this stuff and put it on youtube. If you want to see my older video’s I made introducing old macs, just visit my youtube-page here.

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated …


Me 2.0

I am a very big fan of what is known as web 2.0. This comes down to a bunch of websites that offer all sorts of next-generation services and thay all have 2 things in common: a beautiful (mostly ajax) interface and the freakiest names. Here are some examples and what they mean to me in my day-to-day life.

WordPress: this blog can be considered as a web 2.0 project. Not my own page, but the service that keeps it up and running (and they do a damn fine job if you ask me). Even though that blogging has been around for quite some time, wordpress takes it to the next level. With functions as widgets, tagging, stats and much, much more all poored into a sleek interface, WordPress is a must for every web 2.0 fanatic.

Delicious: is a web 2.0 site which enables you to share you to share your favourite links with other users. You can also search through al the links on using keywords. I got into it at first but soon lost interest, just because I don’t have much use for it.

Twitter: first there was blogging and then came nanoblogging. Twitter let’s you tell the whole world only one thing:”what are you doing right now ?”. If you are able to squeeze all that info into 140 characters … twitter definitely is worth checking out. for all you music-fans out there .. this is the thing you have all been waiting for. allows you to “scrobble” your tracks … which basicly means that it uploads all the info on the track that you are listening to your page. It displays your favourite artists, tracks, etc … but it doesn’t stop there. will look for your music-neighbours (people that have the same taste in music) who’s page you can check out to discover new artists you like. You can also recommend songs to friends that are members of, see who which users will be at the next concert you attend, you can write journal entries that are connected to a song and finally you can even compose your own playlist and “station”. if you’re into music (who isn’t ?) this is definitely a thing to check out.

And now for the pièce de résistance … flickr: as an amateur-photographer I am very keen on Flickr, a service that not only provides you the storage to share all your shots and show them in a beautiful interface, it also gives you the ability to comment on pictures,add notes, and interact with other photography-enthousiasts in groups.

I would like to add somthing to this last one though … I love it … I adore it … but the name is not that dutch-friendly … I’ll keep it short and sweet. When meeting up with some other photographers here in Mechelen it’s not that obvious or easy to discuss the next “faggot-meeting”. Yes ladies and gentelmen … in flemish a “flikker” is a “faggot”.

This, however, is only a fraction of all the web 2.0 sites out there, which, I am sure, will change the way we interact through the web drasticly in years to come … the digital revolution is here …

Crossing America

Just a quick story. When I got to school this morning for only one class and then hearing that the teacher was absent made me pretty pissed (having to wake up early and go to Antwerp for nothing). So anyway, me and my fellow students thought it was a great opportunity and hit the town for a whil. So we headed to the part of town near the “Groenplaats” where a lot of record-stores are. None of the record-stores being open yet we finally stumbled into a second-hand bookshop. Under the “North America” section I pulled out a random book and started looking for an article on Tucson and the other places I visited last year. I was quite suprised to see multiple pages dedicated to it. I flipped through the rest and finally decided to buy the book for around 6 euro’s.

I know this has nothing interesting to it at all … just a little anecdote about well … coincidence. I stumble into this tiny random second-hand bookstore, pick out a random book and see pictures of exact locations I was standing …

Better stories soon … I promise …


What I think of the iPhone

Ok, now that all the fuzz around the iPhone is starting to calm down a bit, I would like recap a few of my views on the iPhone. Like all apple-fanboys I have been craving this thing for the last 2 years, but when it finally got there I initially found myself a bit disappointed for the following reasons: price (although I’m starting to see that it is actually quite reasonable, still have to keep the provider-plan in mind though), battery-life (I mean come on, how long will that thing last with all those features), the possible lack of support on 3G networks (not to forget the huge cost of hat over here in Belgium) and finally the glossy finish (I will probably scratch the hell out of it).

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