Why I love mac OS X

Just a quick little post. I been fiddling around with the look of OS X on my macbook and I wanted to share the result with you guys. I haven’t been posting much lately, I know and appologise. A few little updates: my trip to the staes is confirmed, I will be spending two weeks in Tucson and one week in glorious NYC. I got my results back: I flunked ATW but all the others went A-OK. And just one more for the road. I added a picture of a new Apple Store in Mechelen, well I applied for a job there, I haven’t gotten any response yet, but I will keep you guys up to date.

Later, I’m in a hurry …


My new OS X look


3 responses to “Why I love mac OS X”

  1. Glenn says :

    I had to google Mechelen to find out where it is. Thank god for wikipedia. Good luck getting a job at the Apple Store. You would be great working there.

  2. Markec says :

    Good luck Gill…. Something tells me that it would be a more then wise decision to get you aboard in the Apple Store in Mechelen !

    Apple Rules! (off course!)

  3. Shawn(o) says :

    They’re going to be opening an Apple Store in my town soon. I might consider working there if I needed a job.

    Anyway, good luck with your application!

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