What a great service …

I already told you guys about the fact that my macbook went in for repair this week. Here is the follow-up. After studying today I hopped onto the train to Antwerp to go and pick up my beloved macbook. When the clerk came from the back with my macbook I was very pleased. Not only did they change the inside of the machine (the plastic cover) they also changed the top outer cover because it had been stained by my protective sleeve. Needless to say I was very pleased with the result, certainly if you take into consideration the fact that they also gave me a brand new keyboard and touchpad … I couldn’t be more pleased. Of course I bought a new sleeve for my brand new macbook which won’t stain it and hopefully my macbook will be able to stay in this condition for some time. I know I will be taking even more care of it now that I got this second chance. Thank you very much to the technicians at the Switch store in Antwerp.




3 responses to “What a great service …”

  1. karen says :

    that’s really, very nice of them!
    I hope you all kissed them, went away and then came back with a box of chocolates?

  2. Glenn says :

    I’m sure it must have been tough without your macbook while it was being repaired. How long did it take to get repaired? where did you send it? Between the time I called Apple (don’t forget the company is now just Apple, not Apple Computer) and got mine back repaired was 5 days. I thought that was exceptional service. I don’t have the extended service plan tho, so next time it’s going to cost me 😮

  3. aaron says :

    Could you let me know the contact details of the mac repair place inAntwerp,
    Dank U


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