Christmas shopping

mood: a bit filosofical
listening to: as your mind flies by by rare bird (37 minute song)
last movie I saw: The Black Dahlia

Today I had a day off. I didn’t feel like going to school, knowing that the only class I would have was making exercises on English Grammar which i could easily make at home (no to mention the fact that I didn’t feel like getting up at 6 AM). So what do you do when you have a day for yourself in this period of the year .. jup … christmas shopping. It’s high time for the shops, everybody is out there  looking for the perfect gift for lovers, family and friends. It’s not an easy task, I don’t think i have to tell you guys that. After an hour of checking all the shelves at the gift stores I had collected a gift for everyone that’s close to me (don’t you think that it’s hard to draw a line there ? Who do you buy a gift and who isn’t close enough to you to give them one ?) The damage to my funds was OK, so it’s a good year :p. Once I got home I took a good look at that room of mine and noticed that it was one big mess. I set off to cleaning the whole mess up and about an hour later I was proud of what I had achieved. That’s what I did with my free time up to now. Tonight I’ll be staying in and will probably catch a movie on TV. Talking about movies, yesterday I went to see the Black Dahlia and I must say that it met with all my expectations. The setting is so cool, the late 40’s seem like a cool time to have lived in. Monday I’m going to see “the Departed” together with my dad, but perhaps more on that next week. I’m not in that much of a rant today so I’m gonna keep it at that. Make sure to check out the first episode of the “from my mind into your ears” podcast a few posts below. I also posted another picture of one of those awful santa’s some people hang from their windows … again, no taste at all.

XMAS is coming ! Enjoy it !



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