Ho ho ho … Wiiiiii

If there is one thing you should hate about this fair little country of ours it has to be the rain. It’s the eleventh of december and rain is pooring from the sky. Jup … rain … no snow. If it weren’t for the holiday decoration, christmas would be a pretty fuckin sad event in this weather we have. And now that I brought it up: Christmas decorations. Some people in this country (and probably the rest of the world too) have no taste at all when it comes to these things. Why you ask ? Here in Belgium people hang a santa-doll on a rope from their upstairs-windows. It started with one in the entire street, no problem, I mean, what can you say ? Some people just don’t have taste and that’s that. If they want to make santa look like a freaking burglar so be it. But noooo, the next year already they all started copying that one person and voila ! Christmas is fucked (I can use the f-bomb, it’s my blog, right ? I better check the general wordpress agreements on that). Anyway, all these santa-burglars leave me with only one desire : to burn them all ! I’ll try to make a few shots of these horrific ornaments when I have the chance and will then post them on this here blog (not a grammatical error, it’s an expression. Right ?).
Anyway enough with the black thoughts, let’s move on to something more cheerful.

Another thing I would like to discuss to nintendo Wii. First off, the thing rocks ! It’s the kick-ass tech toy for the holidays. The most interactive controller ever made, fun gameplay, basic but solid functions AND cheap, this can’t be but nintendo’s work. I’m not going to tell you about all the functions and that stuff, you can find all that info on this pretty damn good wikipedia-page. I just wanted to say that I love the interactive concept of the Wii. At least it will make sure that the next generation won’t be as obese as hell when they hit 18. These games will make them as strong as greek gods because playing on the Wii is pretty damn intensive, talking about exercise that is.
There are a few things I don’t like about it though: the fact that the thing doesn’t play DVD’s or CD’s, that there is no keyboard for it (yet) to turn it into a fully functional media center and finally that the console comes with only one controller while this clearly is a console to have some fun with friends and family.


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