James Kim

I have been frequent visitor of cnet.com ever since I discovered it 3 years ago. All the news I got on MP3 players and related products I got from one man … James Kim. Now James has been missing for 10 days in the woods of Oregon. I don’t know the whole story … point is his wife Kati and two daughters were found in the car yesterday , but James is still missing since he had gone out for help some time earlier. I know that those who don’t live in the area can’t really help, and although I am for from a religious person … I “pray” for this man to be found alive in the upcoming days. I can sort of say I know what it feels like to be trapped in the mountains since I had a (be it still much less of a deal) similar accident snowboarding this february, but I will not go into details on that. I just wanted to say … James … I’m thinking of ya buddy …

    James Kim and his 2 daughters

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