Where am I going with this … ?

I’m quite proud of what I have established with this blog. In the past 3 months there have been 759 unique (from different IP’s) views of my rants. I hope that you all have enjoyed the articles that I wrote so far and will do in the future. I know that the posting hasn’t been so frequent as it used to be in these past few weeks, but as you can imagine the stress around the upcoming examinations is building up gradually. But I won’t be bothering you with my endless rants about that.

This weekend I downloaded Audicity for mac ( I had already tried the program when I still had a pc). I must say that for podcasting purposes Audicity is much better than garageband (although for creating songs GB still is the best). The Audicity interface is simple and isn’t about adding pictures and bookmarks and all that. I don’t like that stuff in podcasts. if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing then just don’t listen to it at all people ! Anyway, where was I going with this … oh yeah , I set up my Philips Microphone in a stand on my desk again and feel the itch to start this whole podcasting thingy all over.

Maybe a little bit on my history in podcasting. I have been listening to podcast for more than a year and a half. I love this new medium that we have but hate Podshow and all that is related. If I had to disect podcasting I would divide it up into two groups. Firstly the people who want to get the word out there like Bicyclemark … or entertain like Keith and The Girl. Secondly those people who just want to use it as another way for companies to screw up broadcasting …  which, sadly enough, is what you do ,Adam Curry. Man .. where was I going ? … oh yeah … the first podcasts I listened to where Josh In Japan (who seams to have left the mic in the clauset for now) and Bicyclemark … someone who wants to give underreported news the credit it deserves … anyway, I have ranted about that before. After a while I started to get interested in recording bits myself and putting them on the good old net. I got some info about doing that from Rob, host of the dutch Robkast Podcast. A new world openened for me … I put myself to it and created “Belgium FM”, I had a logo, I had a blog, I had … a blast. That was about a year ago, but Belgium FM did not last for very long. The main issue with this was as always with things I start on the net … CONTENT. You should not underestimate the importance of good old content. For more info just google Belgium FM … there still might be some bits up … although I think that the episodes have all been removed.  After that I had a little break in podcasting … but listening to “the moon masters podcast” the idea grew of creating a podcast with a co-host … I met Boris from Zaventem and we tried it out … again this wouldn’t last long. ZGENIA crashed even before lift-off. We had one show and haven’t talked since. Causes for this are the lack of time … experience … and again .. content.

 This brings me to this weekend again. I put the microphone on my desk and looked at it. I fired up Audacity, configured the thing and hit record. Slowly I start pronouncing those magical words: “Test … one… two … three … test”. Ladies and gentlemen of my beloved audience … I want to do it one more time and do it good this time. What do you guys think ? Comments as always are greatly appreciated.

 Thanks for sticking with me through this pretty long post :p For those who made it, you’re very courageous.

 ps: the highest number of visits in one day has been raised by one. Last week 27  people paid me a visit in one day.


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