A little update

Just wanted to give a little update. I know I don’t post a lot but, as you can imagine, my studies are at the base of that. At the moment of typing this post I am sitting on the train back from Antwerp to Mechelen. The weather is typical for Belgium you might say, tons of water pouring from the skies. I’m listening to one of the first podcasts I ever listenened to, which is “Tokyo Calling” about the day-to-day life of Scott Lockman, his wife and their adorable 3 girls. It had been a while since he’s a busy man, which keeps it entertaining and fresh. Be sure to check him out at http://www.tokyocalling.org. This made me think of the fact that I started (yet another) podcast in september, but I never get around to recording things with my co-host Boris. I love podcasting, but I never find the time for it, so what I’m probably gonna do is once and a while record something and put it up on the blog. Now don’t expect some edited mp3 file like I for example used to do in my podcast Belgium FM. It are going to be raw pieces of audio from my day-to-day life which I will probably record with the iTrip or my cellphone. More to come soon. If there are any suggestions, I would really like to hear them.

thanks for passing by !


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5 responses to “A little update”

  1. Lalena says :

    Here’s a tip: put a pinch of sage in your boots, and all day long a spicy scent is your reward. :p

  2. applefanbe says :

    Thank you Shary Bobbins

  3. Lalena says :

    No no.. Thank you Martin, but since you got the Simpsons part right I’ll forgive you 🙂

  4. applefanbe says :

    The Springfield lemon tree adventure. Now I remember.

  5. Lalena says :

    Good boy 😉

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