The new phone

I settled the deal with my dad and I now am the proud owner of sony ericsson k700i. It might not be the most advanced of them all but it does all I need. I can send data like calendars and stuff through bluetooth, I can take a picture for this here blog and I can take on of my MP3 files and use it as a ringtone. That is all I need. Expect pictures from all kinds of stuff soon.

Later !


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2 responses to “The new phone”

  1. Glenn says :

    Congrats for the new electronic toy. Does it sync with your contacts and calendar on your macs? Can you text message? across the atlantic even? that would be kool to do. Hope school is still going along OK. I know I would have a terible time getting used to getting up early in the morning again. Way to Go!!!….. oh, some sad news… I think my iPod is dead. Maybe I’ll get the new red nano and pat myself on the back for give $10 to the world’s poor. Can’t bet that :-p

  2. applefanbe says :

    Thanks for the comment Glenn. It does completely sync up with iSync, I can even use it to control my mouse and front row through bluetooth and it has tri-band so I should be able to use it in the states in 2 years. Sorry to hear about your iPod, when is the funeral ? :p I like the idea of the red iPod nanos too. Us tech-freaks spend so much money on electronics while people are dying, so let’s throw them 10 bucks since were spending anyway.

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