Weekend *sigh* at last …

Well the weekend is finally there. It has been a really tiring week. Getting back into getting up early is not an easy task I can tell you that. Anyway, courses are really taking off now and I think I’m still on top (for now) and I hope I can keep up with all this knowledge that is shuved up my preverbial a**. I’ll keep you guys posted.

In relation to school I’d like to point you guys to a blog that one of my fellow students started this week. Under the name “My conquering of the world and such” Raika La Conquistadora writes about the things that go through her witty mind. Sure worth taking a look at. http://raikalaconquistadora.wordpress.com/.

In other news: I am still waiting for my Newton to arrive. It’s supposed to arrive monday or something like that. Be sure to check out the blog for a full “out-of-the-box-with-11-years-delay-review”. And I am actully planning to use the damn thing.

Than, on a final topic, I am considering buying a new cellphone. Can anyone help me find a good one ? I’d like a 1.3mp camera (VGA is an option), a bit of space for mp3 and bluetooth. A flip-phone would be cool too. My dad wants to sell me his K700i by sony ericsson. Anybody got any experience with that phone ? Here’s a picture that I took with it today.



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