Keith and the girl


I was thinking about a subject to write an I decided to talk about things that are a part of my daily routine and one of the most important elements in my day is listening to podcasts, in particular to Keith and the girl. I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite some time and I must say I am still blown away by these two every day. The fact that they have such an active fanbase with their live shows, feedback channel and forums gives them an immense ammount of interaction with the people that hang on their every word. If you have been living under a rock for the last year, a little introduction: Chemda is a Jewish raised singer (a pretty good one I might add), Keith is a “catholic raised” comedian and together (for a little longer) they do kids-parties to get around. But with their fanbase growing so fast I think they will soon be living of their fantastic podcast without a stupid podshow contract. For brumskies, lachaims and suck-a-dick wednesdays only one URL.


One response to “Keith and the girl”

  1. Mary-Ann³ says :

    I am officially tilting my head to the right while typing this nonsencial text.

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