A new addition to the collection.

Well, my apple vintage collecting rage is continuing. My Newton is still crossing the atlantic and here I already have a “new but not that new” Powerbook 540c. Once 4840 dollars, I bought it with about 97 percent discount :p. It’s got 20 mb of RAM, 300 mb of HD, a 33 mhz processor and runs Mac OS 7.6.1. I’m still watiting for the last owner to send me an ethernet adapter in the mail but when that arrives I will basicly be capable of taking that thing on the net. It has netscape navigator 3 on it so it looks like that might just work. Sorry people for another BS post, I’m just recovering from adapting to college life. Subjects will hopefully become more interesting in the very near feature.


Kind regards as always


One response to “A new addition to the collection.”

  1. Ryan B says :

    That was my first laptop…

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