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Times are a changing …

I found this old picture of me somewhere on my external hard drive. This picture probably was made in 2003-2004. My hair sure has changed. You know what, this makes me miss that period of my life. Sweet 16, those were some times. I know I still have a lot of great years ahead but already I miss the years passed. Life goes fast. I guess that’s the way we live nowadays, life in the fast lane as some people like to call it. I got some shitty news today. I’m almost over my monthly bandwith-limit. Unless I expand it (which I won’t cause it will be reset this saturday) I have 230 megs left on broadband, after that it’s good old 56k modem speed. I have a lot of upload left though :p. Wonder if I can still use that on broadband. Let’s hope so, than i will still be able to keep on blogging. Anyway that’s just a little word by me on bandwith and the speed of life. I’m home alone and sometimes the silence makes you think about stuff like that. Anyway, don’t be affraid to send me a comment or an e-mail. All contact-info can be found somewhere on the blog.



ps: one of my fellow students started her on blog on wordpress as well. Check her out @

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Fish !

Yesterday my girlfriend and I celebrated our 1 and a half year anniversary and she got me these three goldfish. Meet Knabbel, Babbel en Spikkel. Knabbel and Babbel are named after my last pair of goldfish who became 9 and 12 years old. Enjoy the video !


I started using the beautiful art-portal of deviant art again. You can find my personal page by clicking -> Nirvana88 on deviantART

Sorry for the long delay but I’m having a really busy week in school. Probably more posts next week. Thanks for hanging in there.



The gang

Ok, I’m not gonna do this every time trust me, but here are a few pictures of people at my school.

We hung out with the gang yesterday evening … here are two crummy pics I took.

Anyway, thanks for checking out the blog from time to time. I’ve been thinking about subjects and will soon post them.



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Snapshots of a day in the life of …

This morning I clicked away to put the new phone to the test. Here are a few snapshots of my morning.

Antwerp by morning

Some of the people at my college. The last one is also known as raika la conquistadora. Visit her blog at

A few shots of Antwerp’s magnificent station.

Over all, the camera does a good job. The quality is good enough to give you guys a visual without having to carry along my bulky camera and hey … I can even send messages and call people with it … well I’ll be damned.



The new phone

I settled the deal with my dad and I now am the proud owner of sony ericsson k700i. It might not be the most advanced of them all but it does all I need. I can send data like calendars and stuff through bluetooth, I can take a picture for this here blog and I can take on of my MP3 files and use it as a ringtone. That is all I need. Expect pictures from all kinds of stuff soon.

Later !


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I found my muse …

After looking through my blog I think I can say that this one is really turning out the way I wanted it to. It sometimes takes me a while to think of things but when I talk about something it kinda makes sense … I think. So it is with modest pride that I present to you ….

On the cell phone … I decided to buy the phone from my dad. It has all the specs I need and he’s making me a great deal on it.