“Snakes on crack, just great”

I want these motherfucking snakes of this motherfucking planeToday I had the great pleasure of viewing “Snakes On a Plane”. Ever since I first heard about it on “The Moon Masters” by Apoc D. and Mick Aloha, almost half a year ago I’ve been craving to see it. First a few short points. the snakes looked much better in the actual movie than in the trailers I saw on the net. Second of all, If you thought that putting snakes on a plane is impossible, how about mailing pictures of the snakes to a doctor at 10.000 feet and having a giant boa on the plane that has the mouth of an aligator. And don’t get me started about the fact that that huge boa flies through the hole in the side of the plane and not a skinny lady that is barely hanging on to a rail. BTW I didn’t know that liquids drip out of your eyes just mere seconds after you are bit in the face. You guessed it , I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I laughed my ass off and you can see that Samuel L Jackson had fun making this movie. In short it’s a light movie that shouldn’t be any minute longer and will be a cult hit for years (don’t worry, it’s better than “revenge of the living dead” or what was that 80’s movie called where all the zombies were punks).¬†Remember, time is tissue !


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