We’re still rockin’ in Wisconsin !

I am a really big that 70’s show-fan. I love the concept, love the music, love the atmosphere … it makes me wish I lived at point place back in those days. It is just one of the best series I’ve ever seen. I love the atmosphere that it creates and it is so addictive I could watch it for hours. I mean, the concept is just brilliant, just look at the way they film the “stoner-moments” it’s just great and Laura Prepon is a FINE woman (though I have my own woman who I love very very much). My favourite characters have to be Red and Kitty though, they are so funny. Sorry, I couldn’t anything that makes more sense to talk about, but I am so hooked to this show I had to express it. This BTW is my first post through the blog-tool in Flock, the new browser the cool kids are talking about :p.


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