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And we’re off !

I freakin love college life ! This is great. The courses are pretty interesting, with a few exceptions, I have wifi from a network across the street here in the cafeteria, where the food is fuckin awesome for no money and during the typing of this text I am enjoying my freakin delicious 25 cent espresso. I am loving it !

Here we go again


After 3 months of fun and relaxation it now is time to head back into the classroom. I still have two days to prepare, this wednesday I’m attending an inroduction class french (why ? I’ve had this class the last fucking 10 years). Anyway, I think I’m gonna have a grand time at this school. I just love Antwerp so a school in the center of town is a dream come true. Vinyl stores, irish pubs, friends and of course … school :p. I’m really curious what my college experience will be like .. but I guess I’ll find out soon. That’s just a little update on me. Comments as always are very welcome, also on the posts I made earlier.

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I just got out of the cinema. I went to see a movie called “Fearless” with Jet Li. I never really saw any asian/martial arts movies before and I must say that this one was amazing. I’m not gonna tell you anything about the content, you just have to see it yourself and experience it. My rating : 8 out of a possible 10.

Enjoying the good times

I know, I know, it’s been a week since Iast posted. I’ve been busy I guess, or not. Actually I’m not, I’m boring the shit out of myself all day trying to fill the hours. I even cleaned my entire room. I’m out of inspiration for writing really, time for school. I’m at the irish pub which is gonna be my pub for the upcoming academic year, found a few hotspots, none work. I might look for some more during the year and post them here, for those who pass by Antwerp. Ok, time for something else …

    Apple it’s showtime keynote

New stuff from Apple, lots of new stuff from Apple. I like the nano, but I don’t want to spend the money. I’m tempted by the shuffle but I’m waiting in hope of an iPhone which will hopefully have loads of music capabilities. I’ve had enough time to fiddle around with iTunes 7 and these are my thoughts on it. I like the renewed look although I must confess they did take that album view (not the coverflow one) from WMP 11. I really like the new iPod interface with the icon and all your preferences in the main view of iTunes. I like that you can now see how big the podcast file is and that it gives an estimate on how long it is going to take to download. It sucks that Europe and Asia don’t have a movie store (yet) but I actually don’t give fuck … use bittorrent people, they are practicly forcing you. I have one big complaint: in the last version of iTunes you had a drop down menu when you were listening to an enhanced podcast which allowed you to skip chapters, they forgot to implement that this time I guess. Ok, last and for me least actually, iTV (thank god that’s only a codename). I like the whole idea but I’d rather hook up a mini to my tv for 200 bucks more to be able to check mail, surf the net, chat, basicly everything your other mac can in combination with a wireless keyboard and mouse, you can even use that as a DVD player and you can hook it up with the special external HD’s for that so that it looks great and also the quality is better instead of streaming it through airport.

    I have to discuss it, the Zune

Microsofts new portable media player, the Zune, looks pretty impressive to me. I like the interface with the wallpaper and I like that they are able to play AAC and H.264. Ok, they don’t work with mac OS, but everybody has boot camp or parallells nowadays.The bad side: it’s made by microsoft so it will probably have more than a few bugs and second: the colors. I mean, come on, nobody wants a shit brown MP3 player, am I right ? In conclusion, even though it has his bad sides, I think Apple has to come up with a whole lot more than games for the iPod or a pretty impressive iPhone to compete with this stuff.

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“Snakes on crack, just great”

I want these motherfucking snakes of this motherfucking planeToday I had the great pleasure of viewing “Snakes On a Plane”. Ever since I first heard about it on “The Moon Masters” by Apoc D. and Mick Aloha, almost half a year ago I’ve been craving to see it. First a few short points. the snakes looked much better in the actual movie than in the trailers I saw on the net. Second of all, If you thought that putting snakes on a plane is impossible, how about mailing pictures of the snakes to a doctor at 10.000 feet and having a giant boa on the plane that has the mouth of an aligator. And don’t get me started about the fact that that huge boa flies through the hole in the side of the plane and not a skinny lady that is barely hanging on to a rail. BTW I didn’t know that liquids drip out of your eyes just mere seconds after you are bit in the face. You guessed it , I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I laughed my ass off and you can see that Samuel L Jackson had fun making this movie. In short it’s a light movie that shouldn’t be any minute longer and will be a cult hit for years (don’t worry, it’s better than “revenge of the living dead” or what was that 80’s movie called where all the zombies were punks).┬áRemember, time is tissue !

Rant about bandwith limits

I am really getting tires of these bandwith limits here in Belgium, especially after my trip to the states. In the states everyopne can donload as much as they want as long as they don’t hook a server up or something like that. With us, you’ve got 10 to 15 gig (depending on which provider you use) to download AND upload. Here with my dad for example we’ve got 13.5 to download and 1.5 to upload. Im really starting to think that’s just a load of bull. We’re already paying 40 euro a month, should we then have the right download a bit more than that. It can be really annoying at the end of the month when you don’t have enough bandwith left, either you pay extra or you are put on smallband (modemspeed). My question is : does your provider have any restrictions like this ? What do you think about these restrictions ?

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We’re still rockin’ in Wisconsin !

I am a really big that 70’s show-fan. I love the concept, love the music, love the atmosphere … it makes me wish I lived at point place back in those days. It is just one of the best series I’ve ever seen. I love the atmosphere that it creates and it is so addictive I could watch it for hours. I mean, the concept is just brilliant, just look at the way they film the “stoner-moments” it’s just great and Laura Prepon is a FINE woman (though I have my own woman who I love very very much). My favourite characters have to be Red and Kitty though, they are so funny. Sorry, I couldn’t anything that makes more sense to talk about, but I am so hooked to this show I had to express it. This BTW is my first post through the blog-tool in Flock, the new browser the cool kids are talking about :p.

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