Learning applescript

I’m trying to learn how to use applescript. I made two applescript apps that might be handy to other OS X Tiger users out there. Are you tired of Dashboard eating away your memory or simply don’t need it ? Look no further ! I automated the process for you in 2 simple little apps. One for deactivating and one for activating if you would like it back afterward. There is no hard way because it is just entering a line or two in terminal, but this makes it easier for those who would like to stay out of terminal. You can find them here .


If you download them throught the web version of my idisk it doesn’t seem to work. To acces my idisk just go to finder … click “go” … click “idisk” … click “public folder other user” and enter g.plaquet for the username.

Comments welcome …


One response to “Learning applescript”

  1. Glenn says :

    Alas, I am but a lowly Panther user and unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor. BTW,, I did own a Mac from the era of your recent purchase. I remember always having a box of 3.5 disks nearby with one labeled “Emergency Start-up”, and back-ups of everything. The adage was not if your harddrive was going to crash, but whenit was going to. Ah, those pioneering days were fun.

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