Computer nostalgia

Tomorrow I can call myself the proud owner of a macintosh classic II. I’ve been looking for one of these first macs for some time now. I found a person through ebay who has been a collector for years and gives me a lot of extras because of the fact that I’m a mac user too, he’s even willing to bring it to my house ! This is another example of how close the apple community is. I contacted him to buy his macintosh SE but eventually chose this one because this one works with the floppy disks we still have today. It is just a pretty computer, certainly considering his age. But enough about that … this makes me think of how the computer industry has exploded these last 30 years. 20 years ago the macintosh was THE “high-end” computer and it was even in B&W ! It is impossible to compare it to what we have nowadays. These are some questions I would appreciate comments on. What do you think of this progress ? Is it too expensive to keep up with ? Where will it end ? Will we some day run out of possibilities and create the ultimate machine ? What does this ultimate machine look like to you ? And finally, what would be a feature (that doesn’t exist yet) that you’d like in your next computer (that’s a hard one huh) ? Thanks for reading.



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