What I like about Ike’s

I am posting this from Ike’s Coffee and Tea her in Tucson. I like this American concept of Coffee places providing free internet acces for as long as you want (just buy a drink from time to time, and refills are pretty cheap so). I’ve been here for 3 hours now because I wanted to meet up with another mac user I met on my second day here. While we were talking another mac user came to sit with us and that way I got another contact on this globe of ours. I like the concept because the WIFI is free. In Belgium, you have hotspots, but they are owned by the telecom companies and they charge you money for it. It really made me think about the whole pay for internet concept. I know that the telecom companies put a lot of money in creating the pipes and keeping them up and running, but the internet is no longer a luxury product. Some people have “their entire life on the net” as they say. I find that internet acces should be cheaper so that everybody could afford it, or that there should be free hotspots across the country which are provided by the government and free to use. I’d really like opinions on this because since you are able to read this, you are connected to the internet and confronted with this issue. It does give this underground feeling to it if you start looking for free hotspots (be it in a bar somewhere or from someone’s house), but still I think that things have got to change some way or the other. That’s it for now, thanks for reading.



2 responses to “What I like about Ike’s”

  1. Dianna says :

    Gil, There are splaces in the US where the city provides free internet to all it’s residents. New Orleans is one of them. It was decided after the last hurricane. It is not high speed but it is free for anyone in the city limits to sign up with.

  2. applefanbe says :

    That’s pretty cool Dianna. Wish Mechelen or Antwerpen did.

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