What the hell is “the thing”

Time some real “Americana”, things you can only see in the states. Imagine yourself driving on the interstate and seeing big yellow signs for miles and miles with “THE THING” on it. What is the thing you are asking ? Nobody knows until they pay a dollar to see it. After that you can even buy a Jackalope, and some people seem to fall for it too. What I’m wondering is how the hell they can afford those big signs all the way to Texas. How do they get that money from a buck for every visitor and a few idiots who pay a hundred dollars for a fake animal ? I see the humour in it, that’s for sure, but you sure as hell don’t see anything like it back in Belgium. As you may notice I am not giving away the identy of “the thing” I wouldn’t want those people to run out of business. But underneath here you can see a real Arizona Jackalope. One stuffed and one in the wild … believe it or not.

Good night everybody ! :p



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