South of the border …

Today I would like to discuss the US/Mexico border here in Arizona, which is probably similar to the ones in other states. About 90 km south of Tucson you’ve got the bordertown of Nogales, which makes me think of Berlin during the cold war with all the barb wire and patrols. There are checks up to 25 miles of the border. The border patrol looks like a little army on it’s own with helicopters, patrol cars, off road vehicles, even armed troops. Why do the Americans fear the Mexicans that much ? I can understand they don’t want a massive flow of people into their country, but aren’t there other ways to prevent that ? I also find the term “alien” a bit discriminating, I would not like being called that way. And what actually bothers me is this : the people who are running for congress are abusing the situation. There’s one of them who has this infomercial on TV that goes like this :” help me keep the aliens out of our country and protect our borders, send me to congress” while he said this, footage of armed soldiers was shown. Is that all that is on his agenda ? Is that the priority ? How about investing more money in preparation for disasters like Catrina ? I just hate how he talked down on the mexicans like they were a pest. I know I can’t really make my opinion on this matter strong because I haven’t been here long enough and I don’t know the background and history. This is just my first impression of how things are going down at the border here in the states. If anyone would like to object to my story, complete it or give us some background on this situation, please feel free to leave a comment.


I talked to Dianna about this issue and it did give me some more insight into the matter. I can see now that the Americans have to pay a lot of taxes for these foreigners and that they don’t do anything for their money. I still stand by my opinion though on the use of the word “alien” and the infomercial I saw on TV.

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3 responses to “South of the border …”

  1. Dianna Allen says :

    The Mexicans come across the border and get free health care (our own citizana can’t do that) and get welfare from the US taxpayers. They have not put any money into this system and our own citizens are turned away when they apply for the same aid. Their children go to our schools and get free lunches and free educations. U.S. tax dollars pay for this. The Mexican population contributes NO monies to help. Our Social Secruity system (which is supposed to care for the elderly is wasted on the Spanish. We Americans spend a lifetime paying 30 to 50% of every penny we earn in taxes. The Spanish put in O. It would be like me going to your country and wanting you to pay for my food, health care and housing, while I sit on my butt and watch TV and make more babies so you have to pay me more to care for them. That is why we object to them illegally crossing the border.

  2. applefanbe says :

    Seems like you guys have the same trouble as we have in Belgium. Thank you for this contribution Dianna. But don’t you think at all looks “over the top” ? It looks like a damn army.

  3. bicyclemark says :

    Well first of all.. Dianna scares me. Just based on how she talks about immigration. Americans are paranoid and influenced by alot of propoganda that tells them mexicans are doing x and y to them. the truth is.. in most states they cant get a drop of healthcare.. and they work terrible jobs. The cost of any of these things especially welfare is peanuts compared to what they spend on military or even corporate welfare. But see.. Americans are taught that “they” are “costing” taxpayers money.. when really taxpayer money is used for all kinds of insane projects like missile defence or just overly elaborate whitehouse dinners for friends of the administration.

    anyway your initial observation is a very valid one… it is like berlin… same spirit.. one of ignorance that leads to hate and paranoia. belgium, netherlands, france.. all these countries where borders no longer mean very much.. are all shining examples of how it SHOULD be.. unfortunately the US is moving backwards instead of forwards.

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