What will become of air travel ?

Since I have to make my way back to Belgium with all the new security caused by the recent threat at Heathrow Airport, London. I wonder were air travel is going at. Air travel is one of the greatest inventions ever made by mankind. You can be with a friend or relative on the other side of the world in a modest 9 hours. But since 9-11 it looks like the fun isn’t there anymore. I remember that when I flew to Egypt in 1999, we didn’t think about checks and stuff like that, flying was fun and exciting. Nowadays everybody is just hoping none of their belongings are confiscated. Like with the recent threat, suddenly you can’t take any liquids onto the plane. What’s next ? And I would like to quote Mick Aloha from the moon masters on this one :”What if somebody makes a bomb out of a wig ? You want everybody to cut their hair off ?”. He sure has a point there. Terrorism is very lame and is taking the fun out of life. If you don’t feel safe, you can’t enjoy yourself, right ? And I know, when they do discover a real terrorist act, you’re happy they did. But what I am trying to say is, will acts of terrorism keep on limiting our rights and freedom in air travel and life in general ? Is there a solution to al this misery ? And if yes , what is it ? Thanks for reading, comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.



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