What I think of the States

Now that I am rounding up my trip to Tucson here, I got a pretty good image of the American way of life. These are a few points I’d like to talk to about.

  • Food: too many damn fastfood-restaurants around here people, not healthy.
  • Chill !: why do you always have to be in a hurry ? You guys make a drive-thru of everything ? Even ATM’s.
  • Drinking age: The fact that you make the drinkig age 21, makes the adolescents abuse alcohol once they are able to get their hands on it. in Belgium the legal drinking age for beer is 16 and for liquor 18 and we don’t have such an abuse as you see it here.
  • The price of living: life is way cheaper here than in Europe, you get much more with 1 dollar than you can get with 1 euro back in Europe and the dollar is worth less than the euro.
  • Social contact: the Americans are more open to strangers than European people. You’ll wish everybody a good day and ask them how they are doing, which is really nice.
  • Roads: even though I think Americans have too many cars, I must say they have the best roads I’ve ever seen. Well maintained, pretty clean and nice and wide.

These are the few thing I wanted to bring up, please feel free too comment.



4 responses to “What I think of the States”

  1. paps says :

    Als je een – publieke – blog / site maakt moet je wel EXTRA op fouten checken !!!

  2. Robert®©™ says :

    LOL, zo zijn vaders nou, ze willen je altijd beschemen !!! goed he??
    maar ik heb jou link geplaatst op http://www.robkast.nl (laatste show)

    veel plezier verder
    en wij houden je in de gaten!!!!!

  3. Glenn says :

    That was a very kind assessment of some of American life. Thank you. We do have quite a few drive-thrus but that is probably related to the way we love our cars. You can’t deny the convenience of drive-thru espresso stands, they help us get done what we need to do.

    I’m glad you liked the roads here. It seems like road-crews are everywhere repairing them, which causes delays and congestion. I’m sure they would appreciate their work being noticed.

    Come back again soon.

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